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5 for $20

    • Amaretto- A blend of anise seeds, cherry blossom, violet leaves and vanilla.
    • Bamboo Forest- A luxurious Autumn aroma of herbaceous bamboo, woody aromas of teakwood,sandalwood and cedarwood. Fresh and earthy with light floral notes.
    • Cherry Wood Shaving-The warm notes of cherry wood, cedar wood shavings and sweet tobacco flower.
    • Citrus Mist- A zesty blend of orange,lemon and lime with hints of jasmine and eucalyptus.
    • Coffee Cake
    • Date Night- An in-house blend of musk,red roses, red currant and thyme
    • Eggnog-This is a true-to-scent fragrance. Smells like a fresh batch of eggnog. The aroma of warm cinnamon, spices and cream.
    • Fireplace Romance- The subtle aroma of a wood burning fireplace blended with winter spices and rose. Hints of smoke, birch, cinnamon, nutmeg,musk & roses.
    • Jasmine
    • Lemongrass Verbena- This fragrance combines zesty,fresh lemons with lingering herbaceous undertones. A must have!
    • Love Essence- Sharp notes of pineapple and peach blended with rose,carnation,zesty orange over a creamy vanilla,oakmoss and musk base. A unique, magical fragrance. A must have.
    • Maple Chocolate- Enjoy the sweet aroma of maple sugar with just the right hint of dark chocolate.
    • Mimosa- Imagine a zesty, cold glass of orange juice with the perfect splash of champagne. Cheers!
    • Natutre Trail- Imagine hiking on a nature trail or taking a satisfying walk through the park.This is a warm woody fragrance with notes of cedarwood, moss, eucalyptus, musk citrus and balsam.
    • Pineapple- Fresh sweet, lingering, warm pineapple scent carries you away to a remote island paradise.
    • Pineapple Coconut Cream
    • Red Currant & Thyme
    • Rise and Wine- Enjoy the refreshing scent of Pinot Grigio wine aged in a wooden barrel. The perfect gift for wine enthusiasts.
    • Spiced Pumpkin- The aroma of warm slices of pumpkin pie with the perfect blend of spices. Notes of cinnamon,all spice,nutmeg,cloves and a hint of rum over a ginger and vanilla base
    • Sweet Pine- An amazing blend of spices and pine. This fragrance awakens your senses with a subtle aroma of fresh cut pine with the warm notes of rich spices.
    • Strawberries and Champagne- Enjoy the scent of juicy, summer-ripe strawberries floating in fizzy,bubbly champagne. Let's toast to that!
    • Tropical Fusion- Juicy mangoes,citrus and pomegranate form the perfect tropical blend. A fun, fruity and exotic scent
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