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The Luxuwick Difference

While many people collect mason jar scented candles,our candles are meant to enhance your overall 'jar candle' experience. Begining with the vessels that our hand poured creations are housed,the Luxuwick difference is quite apparent.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work to enjoy an eye catching glass...umm... wine glass candle filled with a rich coconut blended and highly fragrant wax. Every whiff of the candle is true to scent and is noticeable throughout the entire atmosphere. Every guest to your home asks what are you burning as they are in awe of the intense scent throw.

Isn't that alot better than an old hardware store's mason jar candle which is barely noticeable? Forget those outdated jars and come experience true candle luxury...because jars just aren't fabulous enough.

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